Over the past few years, the cost of solar panels has significantly reduced, with panels now priced anywhere between one hundred dollars up to five hundred dollars. Price is determined by the brand of the panel, output of the panel (measured by Watts), physical size, material quality, brand and warranty period. We only use Tier One panels and our range includes Hanwha, Q Cells, Jinko and Seraphim. There are two different types of panels that we offer – Mono-crystaline and Poly-crystaline – which we believe offer value, performance and quality.


Benefits of Solar Panels

Sunlight is free, abundant, and dependable. Unlike power from the utility company, solar energy is not subject to rate hikes. Solar Panel systems also allow for energy storage that can be used when needed such as during a power outage if installed with a battery backup. Solar energy is clean energy: no CO2 emissions and no cleanup. Because solar energy is renewable, it can help slow down global warming and its negative effects.

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