A Solar battery storage system will allow you to benefit more from having a solar power system. We’ve teamed with Solax to bring you the X Hybrid series Solax Box so you can take control of your household electricity. With its distinctive, sleek design, the Powerwall can be wall-mounted inside or outside your home.


Benefits of Solar Battery ?

  • Increases the amount of solar energy a home can directly consume. This commonly means charging the battery during times when solar generation exceeds what your home is using. Then you can use the power from the battery when your home needs more energy than your solar system is generating.
  • Decreases the amount of electricity you need to receive and buy from the grid.
  • Greater control over energy costs, by storing energy during low-price times for use when prices are high.


How does it Works ?

The X Hybrid series solax box is a home battery system that turns your home’s solar power system into an all-day resource. The battery allows you to store energy from your solar panels when the sun is shining or from the grid when rates are low, so you can use the stored power at night, or at some other time.


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